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Sunday, October 17, 2010

exam oh!! exam..

final exam is only 4 days ahead..
4 D.A.Y.S!!

and my exam starts with physics, and PENDIDIKAN AGAMA ISLAM..
and i'm suck at P.A.I
ya know why?
because i'm suck at remembering..
subjects like P.A.I, sejarah, biology..
are not for me..
a big NO! no! NO!
and also, AKU TAK BACE APA2 PUN LAGI!!!!!!!!!!!
(sesuai tak lagu nih?? =P)
and plux, on this friday, i've to go to an important wedding ceremony..
a datin (menantang apa dah name dia) who is a close friend to my grandma
and her house is at KL..
so i need to go there in friday and come home on saturday and probably MIDNIGHT!!
(tapi mujur ai had uh exam BM je..)
and on this tuesday, 
my class, 4 Alpha plan a class party..
so, this week, i'm going to be preettttyyyy busy..

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