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Friday, October 1, 2010

start studying!!

starting today, 
i'm going to study 24/7
(well, not exactly)
but i will study a lot more than usual..
i will try to catch up the chapters i missed by self-studying..
the final exam is around the corner,
i wanna to achieve my target, which is 10A's,
i wanna to be the top 3 student, or better the best student,
i wanna compete with Ana,
(ana is the best student and also my BFF, i wanna compete with her doesn't mean i wanna declare a war or sumthing)
i wanna prove that by juz taking 1 extra class for each subject, i will succeed & be more successfull than those who never stop going to tuition class..

i will do it!!
i will try my bestEST!
i'm determined!
once i determined onto sumthing, nothing can stop me

i dun care if people said i'm a nerd, 
what i care the most is that i'll success with flying colour,
and i'll get the JPA scholarship by getting 9A +
i know, it's a lot + so hard..
but i'll try
u dunno unless u try right?


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