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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i just noticed how much i miss Permata Pintar Negara (PPN) that i went last year at UKM..
this afternoon, i met a guy who was in charge for the PPN students
i don't quite remember him
but he knows me well
then, i suddenly remember his face
we talked about PPN this year
believe or not, the intake for the students in this year is 1000!!
last year was only 400 students from all states in Malaysia
this year 1000!
last year, from 400 000 ++ students who participated in the program, but the lucky 400 students were choosen
if this year is 1000 students are choosen, how many the participants in the first place?
tomorrow, the students will go to UKM
yea, i'm so jealous!
i can't enter anymore this year
the program was only for 13 to 15 years old
mine is 16 years old
expired already lorrrr!
that's me.. the black scarf girl on the left side
memory with datin rosmah, the creator of this program
(taken by the newspaper, the "STAR".. hehe)

oh god!
i miss PPN
i miss UKM
i miss my gengs
i miss being independent
i miss my teachers & fc
i miss my the moments there

please let us, PPN batch 1 join PPN again..

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