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Friday, January 21, 2011

my Adek.. she's..d..d..d..

i was so freaked by that news..
i didn't even thought that i will lose her this soon
we lost it 3 days ago, we thought she's being kidnapped 
but instead, my father's worker, found her dead body in the bushes just right to my house
her head was bit injured..
my family conclude that she's been bite by snake..
if I ever meet that lil asshile snake, i would chop & kill & suffer it!!!
i love her so much!
all of my family members cried so much for her
even my dad
and i was the worst
i cried so hard that my nose went reddish, my eyes were swelling, and i can't stop it!
i played so much with her
my dad, mom, angoh & myself even sleep with her every single day
we have tons pictures & videos of her playing with the cockroaches..
she's being hyperactive kitten
the most hyperactive kitten we've ever met
she had made our house became full of laughs & enjoyment
but now...
i lost her
we lost her
i can't imagine this terrific tragedy fall on us
i never had imagine this before
i never want this to happen to her, me & my family
and i'm still blogging with my eyes full of tears
because of her
i can't accept that she's not with us
she will never be with us again
she will neve play with the cockraches again
she will never bite my foot again
she will never sleep with me again
she will never meowing asking for food again
i will never hear her voice again

tears, please stop flowing ..
i can't bear this tragedy

i still have her photos in my handphone & my house
everytime i look at her pictures, my eyes will be blurred by tears
it's like one of my family members had died
yes, she's part of our family
my family loves her so much!
she brighten our house
when i was feeling dull, she came & brighten my heart
she will disturb me when i was studying
she will sit & sleep on my laps everytime i studied
now, it's all.........
won't be happening again

dear Adek, 
i wish you are in a better place with a better food and by Allah's side..
seems like Allah loves you more
seems like it is a test by Allah for me & my family
and i'm not mad with Allah
not at all
i take this as the fate
this is the circle of the world
everyone day. even us..
when someone died, another one will born
we shouldn't be crying all a long & didn't think about our future
even if we did nothing but cried & cried & cried & cried, they wouldn't be alive again
instead, pray a lot to Allah & asked HIM to recover our sadness..

and i'm getting better now
with the support & jokes made by my family & my buddies
i'm leading to a new step
a new day
days with Adek's not by my side

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