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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


okay, today's post is about.. Justin Beiber?!
I admit, it's a lil weird that I'm actually writing an entry about him 
sebab aku pernah tak suka and benci..err tasuka sangatsangat kat dia
sebab? suara dia yang...blech! and I kept wondering why all these girls gila-gila kat dia, a boy who sounds like a girl? 
tak de sebab nak tergila-gilakan JB kan? sampaikan ramai perempuan benci kat Selena sebab couple ngan JB.
#psycho punya fan -,-'

as now, I becoming kinda like him..because of his songs okay?
lagu-lagu dia sekarang best and his voice? 
sangatla lain dari dulu, much much much more macho!
and..dia hensem tau sekarang.. HAHAHAHA xP
so, yeah..I'm not don't like(hate) him now :)
go go Justin :)
p/s: still not a fan of him! take note on that :)

oh yea, did I mention that I hate his old hairstyle so damn much? -,-'
but, current hairstyle? cool + macho + handsome :D

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