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Monday, November 12, 2012

2nd SEM syllabus

Alhamdulillah, aku selamat dari kena kick out asasi ans so, I'll further my studies on second sem which'll start on 3rd December 2012 :)
I failed to get empat rata for the 1st sem and orang cakap 2nd sem wayyy harder, tougher than 1st sem >.< even my biology lecturer said kalau 1st sem tak dapat 4 flat, jangan harap 2nd sem dapat 4 flat. but I'm just gonna ignore what people say, it's not that aku over-confident ke apa.. just that I believe nothing is impossible kan? as long as kita usaha, and berserah kepada Allah..insya Allah, Allah tahu niat kita and make our impossible dream become possible. Allah Maha Berkuasa, ya know? :D

aku checked geng asasi PALAM kat facebook, and dah ada orang start tanya (dah lama dahh) pasal syllabus for 2nd sem :O bagus kan? most of them menyesal sebab tak usaha, tak struggle untuk sem 1 dulu, (including me of course T.T ) but unfortunately, aku tinggal semua buku dalam locker bilik aku kat PALAM. so, tak boleh laa nak study sangat. ambik buku kak dulu, (chemy je la). haihh --'

2nd sem syllabus :
bIO - digestive systemrespiratory systemcirculatory system, immune system, reproduction system, nervous and hormonal communication, genetics, ecology.

CHEMISTRY - chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid and bases, ionic equilibrium/buffers, electrochemistry, organic chemistry.

PHYSICS - chapter 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32.

MATH - polynomials, trigonometric function, vector, integration, application of integration, differential equation, numerical methods

scary kan? So, I've checked and review a lil bit about chemy (chemical kinetics) it's similar to rate of reaction, memang kait pun..but way harder. in this chapter, ada calculus, nak kira rate kena differentiate, integrate, ln bagaii.. what the hell??! aku study and yeah, it took me a day (1/4 actually) to finish this 1 chpter and yet I failed. bapak susah gilaaaa! as I remember, rate of reaction(SPM) used to be soooooooooooo SIMPLE!

but no matter what, I'll not give up and I'll prove that my lecturer was wrong (a ce chehh) haha. rajin rajin rajin! no more main2 macam 1st sem ;)

heyy it's not impossible okay? :D
go go semut! you can do it HAHA ^.^

kbai :)

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