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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very goodmorning. hari ni bangun awal. haha perasan -.-

MUET speaking aku dah beres, 22nd Oktober 2012. okay, not really good and not really satisfied with myself actually. hmm I just hope for the best. tawakal and berserah kepada Illahi je la :) what's left? writing, listening and reading.

  1. Listening? okay la, insya Allah..boleh. I don't know how to prepare for this one. one thing for sure, CLEAR YOUR EAR WAX! haha.. sounds gross, but yeah we should do so ;)
    maybe I'll do practice a lil bit *over confident is a bad thing ya know? 
  2. Reading? okay, this one is the utmost important. it carry 45% ya know? that's like almost half of the overall marks. reading..BORING!. tapi okay kot dari writing. reading, similar to SPM, tapi MUET they're only 45objectives Q's. the choices are VERY VERY VERY tricky! 90 minutes given. from what I read from other blogs, 90 minutes isn't enough! okay, cuak >.<
    maybe I'll do past year reading exercises :)
  3. Writing? okay, this one..SCARY! got two parts :  Part A - summary of stimulus. Part B - essay, 350 words essay & it's a fact essay! I'm no good in fact T.T
    aku takut tak ada idea nak tulis essay (part B) and of course, grammatical error (both part)
    maybe I'll just read sample MUET essay, and the tips of writing one. sebab kalau nak tulis pun, tak de orang boleh check :'(
Posts aku yang seterusnya, must be in English! no more Malay, no more Manglish. Need to improve my english before this Saturday!! 
so, all the best, Nadila Shaufe. 
may you bring your luck with you. 
may Allah permudahkan semua soalan tu bagiku. amin :)
those who read this, wish me luck. thanks <3>

kbai :)

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