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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

people change?

so, yesterday I went out with my girlfriends. We talked a lil bit about our schoolmates. Mostly, semua dah berubah. Dah tak macam dulu. Mentang-mentang la keluar Kelantan kan? haha -,-' *kidding* well, aku pun dah keluar Kelantan and currently live in Selangor but I'm still who I am and nothing will change me (insya Allah :D ). kalau berubah ke arah kebaikan, Alhamdulillah.. kalau ke arah keburukan, Nauzubillah..jauhkan jauhkan >.< I'm not judging anyone, but I think that everyone should be who they are (in a good way) no matter where they love (including me). *it's kinda funny actually :P

I found this, and it's true 

though, I'll still treasure every moment we spent together (tak de la spend sangat hehe.. not really close to them actually)

* I hope I'm sticking to who I am because I love my current me and I hope others accept me for who I am *

pssst : amboii teruknya grammar aku. HAHA. whatever, MUET dah habis xD

kbai :)

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