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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


oh ohh before that, sorry Candy Rock for abandoning you for three months. Let me explain why I didn't have time to update my blog. I'm a foundation student at UiTM Puncak Alam. Seriously, we, foundation & matriks students have to catch up super fast learning progress. (okay, teruknya english aku lol) But no matter how busy I was, I was still active in twitting & facebooking. Even one day before test or final, I still keep twitting while studying haha. anyhoo, writing an entry takes time than twitting. Ohh talk about second sem, and also it is my last sem in PALAM (UiTM Puncak Alam), it was wayyyyy tougher than the first sem. Seriously, I rarely slept during the lectures yet my carry marks still...duhh. Compared to the first sem, I slept during almost all lectures, & my friends called me "Ratu Tidur" pfftttt but Alhamdulillah and syukur and very unexpectedly, my result was hmm okay la kot? I thought it'll be below 3.0 ya know? yelah, based on my effort.. T,T okay, dah melalut jauh dah ni. So, to conclude (back to the main topic), I'm too busy with all the lab reports, tutorials, quizzes, tests, final exams, twitting, facebooking, outing, class trip. "okay, nonsense* Haish now I've already graduated from science foundation UiTM Puncak Alam. yuhooo but it's sad that I have to leave palam & my friends so soon :'(

seriously I don't know who she is, just randomly found on google. Anyhoo this is the lecture hall where we, palamians  had our lectures. *missing it*

kbai :)

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