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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gwiyomi? blech!

Frankly speaking, I hate Gwiyomi. Yeah, it seems cute when I first watched it, but then when there's too many parody of this sickening phenomenon, it became kinda annoying. Yeah, I get it the girls want to seem cute while making the 'gedik' expression HAHA lol no offense, but what's more annoying + stupid is the guys also Gwiyomi-ing. The cute guys yeah, they seem like 'pondan' ya know? The manly guys, they seem like gays. Haha once again, no offense.

Plus, I just knew that Gwiyomi got something to do with Jews or so we called as Yahudi.  I don't know whether it is true or people just faking it. But I read this on twitter : "Sebenarnya tarian gwiyomi tu iluminati sebab dia buat mulut comel sampai mulut jadi tiga segi. Sebarkan." tapi ada jugak kata macam ni "Gwiyomi = saya sayang yahudi. Fitnah besar. Even if it's true, orang Yahudi tak berhak menerima kasih sayang ka? Sedangkan nabi pun sayang." *nak screen capture, tapi malas lol*
hmm doesn't matter, Yahudi or not I still hate it. Call me outdated, but I just
don't get it why people are obsessed with the cute, yet looks retarded expression. Maybe because of the trend? duhh why ahh why? haha I guess different people, different view huh?

Those who still Gwiyomi-ing, sorry no offense, but it is just that, this is my blog and since I know that no one really read these entries, I can post whatever I like. haha just saying what's written in my mind, that's all.

you can see the gwiyomi at youtube, malas nak semakkan blog gua,
tapi rasanya semua dah tahu kot pasal gwiyomi ni,
benda pun bukannya baru sangat.

kbai :)

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