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Sunday, August 29, 2010

i ❤ acting

today is the bestEST oral i've ever done in my entire life!
act, tadi oraL BI aku and geng2 aku, Farhanah, Izzatul, Fatien, Farah & Hasmawati buat drama untuk oral kitorang..
Hasmawati as Anna
Nadila (aku) as David
Izzatul as Sabrina
Farah as Waiter
Fatien as Manager + reader sesikit
Farhanah as fully reader
drama nih sal climax fruitcake special..
tapi kitorang ubah sesikit lar..
ana draft jalan cerita
aku reka dialog..
farah & eg taip half half..
eg tambah skrip sabrina..
bebudak chinese ada ambik gambar & video sepanjang drama tuh..
tak sempat nak upload lagi..
lain kali la ye para hadirin sekalian..
tapi aku ada skrip die..
nak baca..
ta nak punn tak pe..
(siap ada adegan tumbuk menumbuk, curang semua..perghh!!)

Anna is an ordinary girl who work as a Chemist at the Follow Me Enterprise.one day, she design a perfume which she accidentally dropped a piece of cup cake into it. But, unfortunately the perfume smell very good. After she finishes the experiment, she went out from the laboratory and headed home. While she was walking, she accidentally bumped at Mr. David  Amos,the owner of the company.
Anna : I am sorry, sir. I was busy checking my failed experiment.
David : Its okay. I was heading to your laboratory to ask you out for a dinner.
Anna : A date with me?? But, don’t  you already have fiancée??
David Amos have a fiancee named Sabrina which is the famous singer in the country.
David : Yes I do. Hey, don’t get me wrong,I’m just asking you out for an important business meeting.
Anna : Aha.
David : How about we met at Waka-Waka restaurant at 8.00 pm??
Anna : Okay,sure.

Anna is so excited about the business date as she has a big crush  on Mr. David a Amos. Sharp at 8.00 pm, David Amos and Anna went for a dinner at the Waka-Waka restaurant. A waiter approaches them to take an order.
Waiter : Can I take your order please?
Anna    : Yes, orange juice please.
Waiter : What about you, sir ??
David   : I’ll just have cappuccino.
They continue their discussion as the waiter left.
David : This morning, you are rushing out from your laboratory because  your experiment was failure ??
Anna : Well, my experiment is not that failed, but I miss dropped my cupcake into the mixture although it still smell great, but I know it is not good for our company. I’m planning to keep it. Is that okay with you??
David : Yeah, sure. Do as you like.

While both of them are talking, the waiter appears while holding the drinks they have ordered
Waiter : Here your drink sir.
David and Anna : Thanks.

After a few minutes, Anna excused herself to the ladies room. She washes her face and hand. She also tried a few drop of her new Intrigue on her body. As she was walking back to her table, she almost ran into the waiter who had serverd them. He stopped and looked at Anna with a  stupid look on his face just like he is jinxed. Then, he walked away and knocked down a table. Anna reached the table and sit down. David tried to say something but he suddenly stopped when he smelled the perfume that Anna wears.
David : You smells nice. Are you wearing  any fragrance??
Anna :  Thank you Mr. David. Infact, yes I did. I just wear the perfumed that I ……………..
Anna couldn’t finish her sentence as the manager of the restaurant come to the table.
Manager : I’m sorry for interrupting your deep conversation.
Anna         : No, its okay.
Manager : Are you Miss Anna ??
Anna        : Yes, I am. What is it??
Manager : You have a call waiting to talk to you.
Anna        : O…kay. Thank you.

As Anna was following the manager to the lounge, she still confuse whose the heck calling her in this time using the restaurant’s telephone. When she arrives at the lounge, she quickly pick up the phone, she noticed someone are waving at her. She recognized him. He was a waiter who served her.
Waiter : Oh, my love! I love you so much.
Anna    : Here you called a wrong person. Sorry, but I don’t know you.
Waiter : Its okay if you don’t know me. For your information, you are the first girl had caught my eye and I love you with all my heart.
Anna    : What?? Have you lost your mind ??

Anna hang off the telephone with annoying face. As she headed back to her table, she heard a  lady singing a “Love Story song” and the voice are so familiar to her. From far, Anna saw David waiting for her unpatiently. As soon  as Anna sit at her place, David start to recites a poem to her.  Anna feel that David acting very strange on that day.
“ When I’m with you,
Eternity is a step away,
My love continues to grow,
With each passing day.”
From far away, there’s a lady watching the scenario between David and Anna. Both of them heard there’s someone walking towards them. Suddenly, “pang…pang..”. Sabrina slapped David with all her energy.
Sabrina : How dare you cheat on me??
David     : Saaabbbbb..rriiinaaaa. Hey baby, wait I have an excuse why im doing this.
Sabrina : Excuse??? What is it?? Hey dude, did you realize that we are getting married within this 3 month?? Huh…
Anna was so shocked to heard the news.
David : Yeah I know. But I lost my controlled when I saw Anna.I love you but…in the same time im in love with her too.
Sabrina : So, this girl are Anna ??
David : Yeah.
Sabrina : Are you trying to steal my fiancée girl?? I think there’s lot of guy out there. Why did you disturb him?? Hah??
Anna   : errr..errrr
David : Its not her fault! Don’t blame on her. I love her. So, I’m begging you to go away from my life.
Sabrina : How dare you talk to me like that?? By the way, who should I blame?? You?? If this girl didn’t disturb you, you wont have a crush on her.
David : Stop it Sabrina!
“Pang…..” Another slapped for David by Sabrina. Sabrina make a fierce look on her face. At the moment, the waiter made another appearance. He come with a guitar and singing “Insomnia…” to Anna.
Sabrina : How could you ask me to stop when I saw my own fiancée with another girl?? Tell me David!
Sabrina start to cry.
David : errr….heyyy,don’t cry baby.(low voice)
Sabrina : You such a good player David! Nah, just take this ring back. I don’t need it anymore. Start from now on, we don’t have any single relationship! We are O.V.E.R! I will tell my parents to discard our engagement. Bye forever David.
Sabrina look so sad and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw two guy tried to show their love to Anna. Lastly, Sabrina decide to left the restaurant with a heart broken.
The waiter start to recites a poem to Anna,
“My love is like an ocean,
It goes deep,
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep”.
Then David make a fool act by punch the waiter chin. As Anna moved away from the table, a fight developed between David and the waiter.
David : Stop singing! Anna is mine.
Waiter : No, she is mine. I love her and she love me too.
David : Nonsense. You are not the one that she loves. But I am.
Waiter : Shut up!

As the fight getting serious, the manager came to clam things down.
Manager : both of you, please stop the fight. Don’t humiliate yourself in front of others.
David : Don’t meddle in.
Waiter : This is not your business.
Manager : well, this is my restaurant. I have every right to stop this fight.
David and the waiter ignore the manager and continue the fight until Anna is gone. A few minute later, they become normal again.
David : I’ sorry sir for this mess. I didn’t know where my sane just know.
Waiter : I’m so sorry boss. Please don’t fired me. I am a poor person.
Manager : Its okay. Both of you are sane now?
David and waiter : Yes
Both of them looked at each other.
David : I’m so sorry for my barehead.
Waiter : Me too. I’m so sorry sir.
Thankfully, the situation is finally under control. David goes home after paying the bills while the waiter continue his job.
At home, David found his fiancée ring in his pocket. He tried to call Sabrina thousand times but he know she wont pick up the phone after that incident, the next day, David apologize Anna for the horrible night.
David : I’m so sorry for last night. I don’t’ know what had got into my mind. I was very crazy last night.
Anna : No, it’s okay sir. I’m so sorry for anything that I do. I hope Sabrina will forgive you soon.
David : Yeah. Hope so. By the way we haven’t finished our discussion yet.
Anna : Oh, yeah. I totally forgot about it.
David : We can discuss about it on another day.
Anna : Thanks sir, forgiving me a second chances.
David : Its ok. See you around.
Anna feels that the messy night was caused by the Intrigue that she wear. She feel so regret for using that perfume at the restaurant. It was the first and the last night she used it. Anna throw away the perfume into the dustbin.

The end 

dah baca??
tersangat lah ngengggg + sengalll!!!
tapi memang best gegiler la oral kali nih..
sir siap bagi A lagi!!

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  1. assalam...sis..blh x nak copy ur skrip?bcuz i have to do my oral bi...can i?


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