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Monday, November 29, 2010

wish i can be a bussiness girl
really interested in selling and designing dresses and shawls and accessories for girls
i want to design fashion for muslimah
a muslimah, but the fashioned, up-to-date muslimah
not the "kolot" one
no offense okay?
but if we want to attract those non-muslims to convert to muslims
we have to attract them from what they likes
now, we know that fashion is number 1 to all the girls
so, we have to design clothes for muslimah girls
even those who free-hair muslimah, i'm sure they'll attract to cover their "aurat" by wearing those trendy clothes
i really intend to do it
but i'm just a 16 year old girl
but one day, i really hope that i can achieve my dream
i don't want to be a major fashion designer 
taking major course in business
i want to be an accountant
but i want to start saving my money when i have my first salary
and open a fashion boutique
i want to design my own boutique
business as my part time job
because business is the fastest way to become rich 
and i love being rich
so that i can shop everyday
Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and what-so-ever
i love them
but i can't afford yet
once i set my goal, i will struggle to achieve it
wish me luck reader!

i've no intend to be a model okay?
well, i love posing but not as a model, just for fun
i just attracted to the fashion
simple but gorgeous
if i'm as slim as they are, i would wear that kind of clothes
but i'm not the slim type, but the chubby type
the girl in the pink is me..
(taken this year, 2010)

the girl in the brown is me
well, who else is there right? haha
(taken 2 years ago)

i'm the chubby one
i want to lose some weightoh well, exercising + dieting are not my thing

my height is 170 cm 
my weight is ..kg
let it be a secret okay?
when i lose 3-5 kg.. i'll let u know..
wish me luck!
oh god!
please let me lose some weight!!!

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