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Saturday, November 6, 2010


i'm really confuse about my future career and subjects..
i'm choosing either 


Ekonomi Asas

both kena hafal..
but Biology more interesting but useless in Accounting and i love accounting
Ekonomi quite boring but very useful in accounting

Fatien encourage me to drop Bio and replace with Ekonomi..
ramai lgi yang support to keep on with bio
especially, Azmi one of my geng biotechs 2..
siap ckp,
dila x nak perjuangkan ke kem kita? "
" masih kah kau igt dila. kita sama2 blaja biotech "
urghh!! now, aku terpikir kan biotechs lak..
there's one time i wanna involve in biotechs 
coz i really enjoy study it in UKM..
but now..
i dunno


too many opinions
this is damn confusing!!
GOD please help me making the best choice for my future!

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