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Thursday, December 23, 2010


you know what?
last week, aku and family aku gi Port Dickson 
it was a lot of fun we had there..
here are some of the photos we took
 aku and along..
 why r u pulling me?? nooooo!!!!!!!
 grrrr..best main ombakkkk
 aku, along, angah~
nak aku campak kerang ni???

where's the sun??

my family's company..

still writing it

let us combine our heart.. <3

S > Shaufe (dad)
N > Nozie (along)
A > Ain (angah)
D > Dila (me)
Z > Zaiton (mom)
my dad created this, creative jugak bapak aku ni.. 

 me & my angoh
( euwwwwwwwww)
 the sun is going down2..

depan apartmen kitorang masa senja.. lawoo gila beb view dia..

i have lots of fun back there
apartmen lawa + comfortable
tapi lift dia.. OMAIGOD!!!
problem manjang!!!

tapi mujurlah best sangat gi situ..
ni baru 1st day kat sana..
wait for my 2nd day at PD in my next entry..

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