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Monday, March 28, 2011


i have to be better in exam.. 
i MUST!!!!
but, i don't know how to manage time..
okay, since i was kid, i only studied when it was midnight
but now, since I ada satu penyakit ni, i tak boleh tidur lewat
so now, i'm not used to study neither in the evening nor night
someone, please tell me how to manage time..
i have a lot of chapters to catch up
with homework pile up, extra class sana sini
oh Allah, please help hambamu ini
i don't want to dissapoint my parents who has high hopes for me
i don't want to dissapoint my teachers who targetted me
i don't want to dissapoint myself

study,work hard,bertawakal,believe in Allah..
i'm sure you can, Dila
If others can do it, why don't I right?
now, go OFFLINE and bury yourself with bookSSSSSSSSSSS

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