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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Science trip to Perak

last Thursday, we go to Perak.. ngeee
let me tell the story through pics okayy?

waiting for the bus driver

we stopped at souvenir shoppe at Cameron Highlands

me with sons of Cikgu Shamzela

eating at a restaurant at Cameron Highlands
the food is damn expensive lorr, but i only ate Roti Canai which cost RM 1

photographed by Farah in front of my school bus at Cameron Highlands

can't you read the signboard??

still at cameron

arrived at Perak, around 7 p.m
we stayed at Maktab Perguruan Ipoh
each room has two beds
so, my roomate is Farah..
( it reminds me to Frhana, my ex-roomate at UKM
after changing clothes, we dine out

HAHA!! ignore my stupid face

half of the gorgeous Science Club girls.. ahakss

- no description -

explanation from the scientist at Veterinary

beautiful garden at Veterinary

loves this picture! i look so slim lor.. phewiitttt

GLG *Geng Laki Gila* 

hottest couple in school
psst, not me okay?
the girl next to me and her BF is the boy next to the kid

Teacher Azila, Cikgu Mimi, me, Kak Ros ( kak Mas!! where are you? T.T )

seriously, that boy (khaliz), PEMUSNAH gambar.. T.T

i'm telling you, that dinosour can move ya know! and with gigantic sound.. eeeeeeeeee

bongok lah!! diorang tiru budak perempuan punya pose! gilaxx

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUKIT MERAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy couple.. HAHAHA!

oh yeah Kak Mas!

tour the animalls

waiting for the Animal Show

and the animal show starts!
the animals were so CLEVER! and didn't I mention cute? awwww

ala blah ah Jojo!
the man invites a voulenteer, and Jojo did.. ^.^

pegang ular!! jealous!
nak pegang, dah beratur da, then cikgu panggil. so ta sempat.. T.T

at Bukit Merah waterpark
from 2.30 pm until 5 pm.. walou!
had so much fun, but didn't manage to snap any pics
yelah! duk mandi, macam mana mau ambil gambar lol?

with Farahim, form 4 students.. she's so cute and sweet
after mandi kat waterpark, bought souvenirs, lots of souvenirs..

and we went home..

the funny moment just before we enter the bus :
we supposed to gather at 5.30 p.m, but instead me & my friends arrived at 6 ++ pm
so, girls kena ketuk ketampi & boys kena pamping

we went home at about 6.30 pm.. 
arrived at Kuala Krai at 2.30 pm
so much fun!
the best school trip!
won't forget the golden moment

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