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Monday, December 10, 2012

English For Academic Purpose

okay, I told Mr.Hanis (lecturer BEL) that I'm a blogger. Stupid move, Dila. Now, you have to write (ehh type laa) your entry in English -,-' but yeah, I've used English in my earlier entries, though mostly in Manglish. Yeah, I'm a Manglish lover : favorite language, I think (well, beside Kelantanese of course) 
I know for sure laa (see? I used Manglish again -,-' ) Mr. Hanis won't check my blog. He told me to follow him, but I didn't ask his url. HAHAHA sorry sir! forgot & too nervous maybe (not really)
anyhoo~ first class, went very well actually. It was fun & hilarious! I can't stop laughing LOL! I think & hope the next classes will be as fun as the first class.
and I've got a new knowledge! when he asked me my url, I told him "xladyllax.blogspot.com" and then he asked me whether I'm a strangeaage ke amende ntah, never heard of it.. so he explain. It's not a bad thing actually. It's about whoever put "x" in front of his/her name, it means that they're not alcoholic, smoker and so on (macam geng baik2 gituuu)

so from now on, English la ya?

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