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Monday, December 10, 2012

Outing - Frust - Lifesaver?

okay, so my housemates and I planned to go to Sunway Pyramid for ice-skating. We got so excited, including me. We planned to go last weekend but on some case, we can't. So we decided to go on Tuesday (TODAY), Birthday Sultan Selangor (tatau malas nak ambik kesah). 

at the same time, me and my girls planned to go to Sunway Pyramid too -,-' but unfortunately we can't because mostly don't have enough cash (duit KPT BELUM masuk T.T ) okay, disappointed. Then I thought of my outing with my housemates and then I felt better.

we (housemates) were in a lil dilemma either wanna go to the theme park or ice-skating. 2 of them voted theme park, the other 2 ice-skating. and me? I'm just okay, seriously okay since I'm not a cheesy (sesuai ke?) girl
Last night, they completely cancelled because they have Sukarelawan Meeting this evening on 4 pm! OKAY, I WAS DEVASTATED!! I've so excited to go out from this cage of palam! but then, T.T
so, I tweeted a lot about this incident and fortunately, one of my girls, Adda asked me to go with her to SCM and then i-City. *lompat atas katil* seriously HAPPY GILA! Although it's just SCM, but it's better than nothing right?
ohh Adda, you're such a lifesaver! sayang kiss banyak banyak! and BETTER, she offered to accompany me to watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2! OMAIGOD OMAIGOD OMAIGOD! I owe her! so, I told her that I'd pay for her ticket. Thanks again, Adda. Kisssss hugggg


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