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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn II

haiyya lupa nak post entry pasal one of my favorite movie -,-' Yeah, twilight Breaking Dawn II is one of the best movie I've ever watched. In fact, among all of Twilight series, I found that Breaking Dawn part 2 is the bestEST *suka hati je reka perkataan xD * Almost half a year I waited for this movie (after watching part 1) the premier for this movie in Malaysia is 22nd November 2012, and since I'm staying at Kelantan (sem break) and Kelantan doesn't own a single cinema, I missed the premier T.T Download? huhh yeah right, TS quality for sure ada but DVD / BluRay memang tak la kan? Blockbuster kott! 1st December, decided to watch it in KL but the because of the rush, can't watch it..AGAIN! haishhh.. so, I just thought maybe I wasn't meant to watch part 2 in cinema...until Adda asked me to join her to watch part 2 *weeeeeeeee~ thanks Adda* 
so Jyeahhhh FINALLY! best, best best <3 p="p">

kbai :)

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