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Friday, August 16, 2013

random lyric

come at me, and you'll see
I'm more that meets the eye
you think that you'll break me
you're gonna find in time
you're standing too close to a flame that's burning
hotter than the sun in the middle of July
sending out your army but you still can't win
listen up silly boy cause I'm gonna tell you why
I burn!
Can't hold me now
you got nothing that can stop me
I burn!
swing all you want 
like a fever I will take you down~

I just love the lyrics. Just random. Nothing has to do with my life. Hahahaha ni sebab member-member aku selalu syak bukan-bukan kalau aku quote pape lyrics yang jiwang/berkaitan dengan perasaan ke bagai ni. Haihh. random je laaa makcik and pakcik sekalian! I tak main ahh jiwang-jiwang bagai ni hehehe :P
kbai :)

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