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Sunday, January 9, 2011

KL again..

here's the story
last Thursday, balik je aku dari kelas addmath MR Siva at 7.30pm, 
mom & dad cakap nak terus bertolak ke KL..again!!
and i was like, "what the hell?"
so sudden..
thus, i asked my mom, what for?
she said my along was sick and also, they have some bussiness which i can't spread to the whole world, in KL..
at first, i was reluctant bcoz i dun want to miss my Physic class on Friday morning..
but, then my mom said it was juz for a day, on Friday evening, we headed straight home..
so, i was like, "o...k...a...y..."
lepas Isyak, we headed to KL
and FORTUNATELy, Farhanah sms me that the Physic class was canceled!!
how lucky am I??
i was soo happy that i wouldn't miss the class..
we arrived at UIA Gombak around 4 am to fetch my angoh
then. we went to a cheap hotel at Seremban..
my dad said, it'll be such a waste if we go to an expensive hotel but stay there less than 6 hrs..
the room cost rm50-60.. the room was small, but the facilities was quite good..
at Friday noon, we headed to Seremban 2 to fetch my along..
then we headed back to KL to deal with the family business..
the problem almost solved..
when my dad said we wanna headed home (kelate)..
my along & angah begged for us to stay for one more day, they kinda miss us..
ohh, so touched.. 
after a long debate, they won..
i was still reluctant bcoz i dunn wanna miss Akaun and Chemistry classes on Saturday..
but when along bribed me with ROOTTIII CANAII,
i automaticallly said "OKAY!"
i know, i'm obsessed wiith roti canai.. it's kinda a drug to me..
we pusing sana.. pusing sini
then pergi cari hotel, last2 gi jugak Wira
our fav hotel
the room was huge, the facilities was great, the location is exactly in KL and the price is reasonably cheap
even the manager of the hotel knew my dad
woke up
mom, dad, tokwe, along, pok cik din(driver) went to the cafe in the restaurant for breakfast
while my angoh & I, just sleep..
we packed our belongings, then checked out..
meanwhile my dad settle all the checked out procedure..
my angoh & I posed..
my angoh

boleh ganti mak cik tak cukup kain tu tak?? XD

look how slim her is.. 

hey, why so stiff huh?

so, kitorang gi kedai mamak and makan rotti canai..
after that, the real plan is to straight home
but eventually we "terpaksa" singgah kat Jalan Tar
one of my favorite shopping place
sebab apa?
the dresses, SHAWLS, pashs are extermely CHEAP!
and they're cute too
aku beli 2 crumple shawls, satu dark choc and satu maroon + pink
and also, a pash.. a cute one.. loves it
then we went to S2 to antar my along
then to Gombak to antar my angohs
then around 10.30pm, we headed home
around 4.00am we safely arrived at home
bcoz of i was so tired, i can't go to school
and i have to miss my class AGAIN!
lagipun, mom tak bagi aku pegi sekola atas sebab2 tertentu
then, here's me..
posting an entry on my Ponteng Day


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