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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coincidence? No, Allah planned it all :')

Aku dulu, masa form 3 terpilih (alhamdulillah) pegi Kem PPN ni ( Permata Pintar Negara ) dkat UKM. 400 students terpilih. Kitorang ni first batch. Anyhoo.. Aku diletakkan dalam course Biotechnology. Kumpulan Biotech ni ada dua. Aku Biotechnology 2 (BT 2)
kenal tak yang tengah tu, Mak Mah. KAHKAHKAHKAH xD
*petikan dari the Star*

anyhooo this entry isn't bout PPN. 
so, baru-baru ni as we all know, result UPU dah keluar kan? In my previous entries, che dah habak maii pasail course che naa? hahaha. Chemical BioProcess Engineering. Turns out, course ni related to Bio Technology. Haha how's that a coincidence? Tu la namanya perjalanan yang Allah dah tetapkan untuk aku. Alhamdulillah. So I googled a bit bout this course. 

ni sedikit sebanyak info pasal Chemical and BioProcess Engineering yang gua copy paste dari website UiTM hehe
Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering is concerned with conducting chemical and biological processes on industrial scale for the production of value added products such as food, feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, fuels, biofuels, polymers, and chemicals through biological, chemical, thermal and mechanical processing. Graduates of this programme develop expertise in process development, reactor and bioreactor design, scale-up of processes, upstream and downstream processing and organic waste utilization. The Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons.) and Bioprocess has taken off in UiTM in July 2009 session. The duration of this programme is for four years divided into eight semesters.   Students pursuing this program will undergo academic and industrial training through a combination of sciences, chemical engineering, interdisciplinary and managerial courses, along with a set of specialized courses to pursue areas of particular interest viz. Pharmaceutical Technology, Food Technology and Industrial Biotechnology. The programme has a total of 138 credit hours. The program follows the Outcome Based Education (OBE) model. Methods of instruction include lectures, tutorials and practical work in the laboratories. Assessment is based on tests, quizzes, assignments, mini projects and examinations. Lectures and tutorial classes are conducted by experienced lecturers. The number of students in each class is restricted to about 30 to enable an effective teaching/ learning process.

ni pulak Job Opportunities Chemical and BioProcess Engineering ni
There is great demand for chemical and bioprocess engineers in Malaysia and abroad. Graduates of this programme can meet this demand. Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industry sectors world-wide and has been identified as a key area for growth in Malaysia. With the rapid growth of biologically based technologies, bioprocess engineers are uniquely qualified to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. The emerging biotechnology industry in Malaysia provides excellent opportunities for these chemical engineers with bioprocessing knowledge to develop, design and operate processes for producing the many high-value biotechnology products. Graduates of this new programme can fit in well in any chemical or biotechnology company. Depending on their specialization, they will be the preferred candidates in pharmaceutical, food or other biotechnology industries.

So, nanti course specialisation (7th and 8th sem) aku boleh pilih either Food Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology or Biotechnology. I'm thinking Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology :)

Aku tengok-tengok balik gambar, terjumpa la gambar ni

ni tema untuk lukisan kitorang, macam cita-cita gitu ah. Aku masa tu, serius tak tahu nak jadi apa. So since aku dalam course Biotech (masa tu), aku decide lukis Aku jadi ahli Biotech la kononnya. Tengok-tengok dah dapat course berkait dengan Biotech. LOL. Takde la dapat Biotech lagi. Tak terfikir pun biotech masa UPU hari tu, apply dkat UPM tu pun sebab dah tak tahu nak letak apa, main letak je. hahahaha. Tapi bila dah macam ni, aku tengok Allah macam bagi petunjuk suruh masuk aliran Biotech kot? Tapi in the engineering way la. Hahahaha Nadila loikeeee!
Thanks again, Allah. Walaupun aku main-main masa asasi, pointer pun rendah, tapi Allah tetap bagi aku peluang lagi and lagi and lagi, and yang ni aku rasa peluang paling terbaik Allah penah bagi aku. Syukur :')
This time, I won't screw it up! Insya Allah.

kbai :)


  1. Dila... sy chemical n process engineering... so kolej la kito hehe :)

  2. yeayy jupo pulok! haah, kolej mawar kea? tengok2 jiran plop hahaha x)

  3. hai kita pun sama course! kolej mawar?


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